"Liberty Smith" is an original musical filled with comedy, romance,  and adventure, recounting the possibly true and fantastical tale of  America's forgotten founding father.  If you think that it was  George Washington who chopped down the cherry tree, Ben Franklin who  discovered electricity, or Paul Revere who rode that famous midnight  ride... you don't know the whole story!

It's "Forrest Gump" meets "1776," where everyone, no matter how  seemingly unimportant, can change the course of history... whether  they make it into the textbooks or not.  Liberty Smith was somehow  responsible for all the major events in the American Revolution, yet  his astonishing story has never been told... until now.

Come experience the founding of America, with a musical twist like  none you've ever seen!

Music by Michael Weiner; lyrics by Adam Abraham; book by Marc  Madnick, Eric. R. Cohen, Adam Abraham.

"Liberty Smith" premiered at the Ford's Theatre, in Washington, DC, and will soon appear in Newtown, CT, presented by the 12.14 Foundation.  Performances at Newtown High School on July 31, August 1 and 2.

For more information please contact Marc Madnick - madnick@finaldraft.com or 818.384.9503